Daina Dubauskaitė 2017-08-16 21:26
One of the best-sounding adventures during DT Camp 2017, an insanely good gathering somewhere in Lithuania, was meeting OKO DJ (Marine Tordjmann). The French artist is in charge of the Paris department of LYL radio, one of my favourite stations ever. Neither in her radio shows called Pu$$y Nightmare (yes, women are in charge here) nor in her club sets she allows any prejudice regarding her music. Open to the world, nature and the people, OKO DJ delivered one of the finest morning sets ever this last Sunday, which was much more of a ritual travel than your regular club mix. It’s a pity it wasn’t recorded but I am pretty sure I’ll bump into Marine soon. Before that, here’s our letters and words b2b session.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2017-06-14 22:12
I’ve been seeing the name of the label in the tracklists of my favourite DJs (or through their shoulders) quite often recently. A radio show called Wiener Brut is among the most interesting on LYL radio, which as a whole is a ridiculously good radio station, by the way. There’s also a record shop called Discus Throwers.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2017-04-05 21:10
During an interview in 2008, Magda told me she’d probably work as a librarian and raise four kids if she had stayed in Poland instead of moving to the US with her parents when she was a kid. We then met during Contakt, a gigantic event by M_nus that inspired dozens of artists – both musicians and art directors – all around the world.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2016-08-10 23:43
The Digital Tsunami bosses Ernestas Sadau and Roman Sputnik visited my blog earlier this year; they then whispered there might be a little something going on in the wilderness later this summer. It’s now later and there is definitely some space for dessert after all the open air events I’ve visited.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2016-05-13 08:21
The idiom ‘Actions speak better than words’ fits very well to the CV of Alessandro Adriani, an Roman expat in Berlin. His label Mannequin Records has been spreading cold waves since 2008, as the description in Discogs says. The name of the label comes from a real mannequin head that was found at a shop Alessandro’s mother used to work in but that’s probably the only fun fact one needs when describing it.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2016-04-14 15:57
How do Eglė Sirvydytė, Matthew Herbert, Maurice Fulton and Jamie Jones fit into one sentence? Just call Catz ‘N Dogz, as the Polish house duo surely know the answer. The guys from Szczecin released their third studio album called ‘Basic Colour Theory’ last year and it was followed by a great remix pack in 2016. That’s where all of the above-mentioned people met.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2016-03-07 19:01
I had heard about Michele Mininni before as he was released by Optimo Trax, and that’s already a big compliment. The name has been ringing more bells recently as the Italian producer is the first to be released on a new label called Le Temps Perdu. The story of the label is rather an obscure one, really – its description says ‘Steal mustangs, robot poetry and otherworldly sounds’.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2016-02-04 11:51
In the beginning of the 90s, Michael Mayer visited a then brand new record store in Cologne called Delirium. He wasn't happy not to be able to find records from his wishlist, and the told that to the owners, who happened to be Wolfgang Voigt and Jürgen Paape. They soon began working together and Kompakt is now one of the most important electronic music labels - in the world. Music by Michael Mayer - solo or together with Superpitcher, trying to save the world as Supermayer - is a significant part of the label's catalogue. But we didn't speak much about that. Let the records talk for themselves, and yet there's so much to ask Michael. He will soon visit Jäger Blow-Out in Opium - I hope I will be able to find out something more.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-12-08 20:57
Fur Coat is not just an ever fashionable wardrobe item but, for the past 10 years, a name in electronic dance music importance of which grows with every release. Crosstown Rebels, BPitch Control, Hot Creations – you name it. The Venezuelan duo consisting of Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine have proven the significance of Latin America in the worldwide scene – even if they call Barcelona their home nowadays. A little chat with Sergio about how they made it and what are the ingredients of their recipe of success comes ahead of their gig in Opium, Lithuania – they’ll become the new heroes of Jäger Blow-Out, a series that has already presented DJ Hell, Rebolledo, Recondite, Zombie Nation and a handful of other important guys.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-10-27 21:34
35 years of Einstürzende Neubauten is just a part of Blixa Bargeld's creative biography. Having performed in Riga last year, he is now back in Baltics with his solo Rede/Speech performance. This time it will be held in Kaunas as a closing event of Centras, the media art and music festival. A rather short Q&A session before that - still, oh what an honour it was.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-10-16 13:41
Hugo Capablanca has opened the Pandora's chest of the new season of SMALA, and next up are the Milanese synth slaves called Boot & Tax. Their first live show happened less than a year ago and JD Twitch happily released their debut album in spring of 2015. It's a devastatingly great record that could be a sountrack for a foggy road trip or a debauchery under a table. Can't wait to see what happens when Boot & Tax do it live. But before - some questions and answers.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-10-01 16:51
Rihards T. Endriksons and Viestarts Gailītis, the organizers of Skaņu Mežs, the festival for adventurous music in Riga, Latvia, do not share an office and the reasons are very pragmatic. They for sure do not influence the quality and importance of Skaņu Mežs, a festival lauched by Viestarts back in 2003 and Rihards joined him midway.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-09-24 13:53
Oh what a booking. But first, what an album. "Palmbomen II" was one of the highlights of my summer, together with all the sand and wind and flying carpets and shitty soundspeakers and beach and seagulls that surrounded me for two months. I do wonder what he will sound like in club surroundings, especially after finding out Kai Hugo is not such a big fan of clubs in general.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-09-04 10:56
Steve Bug was already a legend back in 2007 when he became the cherry on Gravity’s birthday cake. No wonder Jäger Blow-Out have invited him back to Vilnius as the start of the new clubbing season definitely deserves a visit of a true veteran. His stakes are much higher now and he’s still the boss of Poker Flat and Dessous. Still travels a lot and buys vinyl, still helps the talented ones and – last but by no means least – still sports the unique ability of converting the gems of the past to something new yet unique. And he has time to answer my questions! See Steve Bug in Opium on September 18th.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-07-20 20:19
While I’m not exactly having a festival summer this year it’s not possible to ignore some of the things going on back on the continent. Logout is a pretty new initiative launched last year and it’s a weekend meant to do exactly what’s it called – to log out by the lake somewhere in the woods of Lithuania. The lineup’s packed with some of the grooviest local artists, everything from funk to techno, and there are a few special guests. Let’s meet Timothy J. Fairplay then.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-06-23 17:29
Chicago’s his cradle and his dad’s a DJ that bought his son a first set of turntables back in the 8th grade. Marquis Cooper told me what it took to get those. All I can add to is that Svengalisghost is a name and a creator that was born after a harddrive with previous part of Marquis’s life crashed 7 years ago.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-06-04 16:40
I first met Profile right after his gig in Tallinn Music Week – he was the part of The Baltic Scene showcase, and his manager, Henrik, very much wanted me to be there. So I was! And it was great. I also met Margus Löve (aka L-OW and 1DERL&) from Processed label that has released Profile on the same night, and told me a lot of interesting things about the producer that comes from a town called Viljandi.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-04-02 12:50
A Tallinn Music Week delegate wakes up on a gloomy Saturday morning only to find a bouquet of violet and yellow flowers next to his bed. A few minutes laters he realizes these are from his bumpy way back home through Viru street and are meant for the most important person in Estonia right now, Helen Sildna. He didn’t deliver the flowers, though, as the embarassment outgrew the gentle idea.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-03-25 22:44
After exchanging just a few emails between Vilnius and Barcelona I already feel I know the NX1 duo pretty well! I still haven’t experienced them live, but the witnesses of Supynes’2013 still feel their warmth. The latter could be a tricky word for defining techno, but it definitely comes from the true passion of the producers Samot and Surit that have been steadily working on fulfilling their conceptual idea. They will be back in Lithuania very soon for the Dimensions fesitival launch party in Kablys, and before that here’s some techno warmth deciphered into words and sentences.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-03-24 18:27
Dub techno is music that can take you deep but it requires maximum devotion and a proper divers license to do so. I do have a very intimate relationship with the genre so of course I was very happy when I heard about a Lithuanian dub techno label Redscale established by a great producer grad_u. He has already told me about it in an interview, and is now ready to present the Danish school of dub techno in Vilnius.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-03-05 10:53
The visit to Frankfurt and “Robert Johnson” is still on my bucket list. I can’t resist a club that even has a book published about it and is still running strong, not talking about everything else… For now Ata, the establisher of this living legend, is coming over to Vilnius – and is bringing his unique record collection with him. Before his gig at “Opium” we skyped about all things “Robert Johson” and other important items of Ata’s life. Here's a great b2b session of him and Gerd Janson to get you in the mood.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-02-09 16:45
In December, ‘Jäger Blow-Out‘ brought us KiNK who was #3 in the Resident Advisor live act chart of 2013. He remained in the position in 2014, too, even though I thought he’d come up. #2 – Âme – will visit ‘Opium Club’ in March, and #1 – Recondite – is billed for another night of black ‘Jäger Blow-Out‘ madness. What a great start of the year!
Daina Dubauskaitė 2015-02-02 21:30
The Democratic Republic of the Congo was still called Zaïre when Cedrik Fermont was born. In fact, it was still called Zaïre when C-drík, already relocated to Europe, started his first musical project “Črno Klank”. That was back in 1989, and today the artist’s CV is filled with sound art, electronica, noise, industrial, ambient, electro-acoustic, minimal wave, improv, acid, hip hop, label managing, sound engineering, lectures, travelling the world and DJing. This and much more! An interview is always too short to present a personality of this caliber. C-drík will be visiting the coldest Lithuanian festival “Speigas” where he’ll not only DJ but also read us a lecture. And here’s what I managed to find out beforehand.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-12-28 21:45
“Purdie”, the debut record of Berlin-based duo Snacks, came out just a few months ago. It has been doing really well – but even before the release date the guys – the ex-newzealander René Corbett and Aljoscha Babel – already knew what they will be doing for New Years eve. Vidis from Opium Club used his connections to book them for a party in Vilnius, and Snacks are looking forward. They even recorded a greetings video. That’s right below this paragraph, and after that there’s a small but impressive chat about what Snacks are all about. Nothing too serious, but tastes great.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-12-23 16:37
Last September Bill Brewster, a DJ culture researcher, writer and, of course, a brilliant DJ on his own, paid a visit to Vilnius Music Week. His lecture was about the essence of a DJ – I can’t recall any quotes from that, obviously because it was more than a year ago. But here’s a transcript of our chat later the same night before Bill’s gig in Studio9.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-10-14 15:03
18 years have passed since the electronic music world first heard the name Monolake. Even Lithuanians have had the pleasure of seeing the project a few times – first as a duo, then as Robert Henke’s solo performance. He will be back on November 7th with his new – and probably most complex so far - project called Lumière. I tried not to ask about it too much during the interview as I believe it will be more interesting to explore it live. But there is so much I’d like to know when talking to the artist – and I’d definitely like to become Robert Henke’s student, if there was a chance.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-08-04 08:12
I’ll have to admit ‘Dagger Paths’ – pleasantly, yes – slipped through my ears back in 2000, but ‘Engravings’, released last summer, has stayed for good and is one of the very few abums I keep coming back to as often as if it came out last week. I’m not even sure if it’s proper to label Forest Swords as electronic music. Especially after hearing Matthew Barnes (and his squire, the bassist) live, when you simply don’t understand who you are and where the sounds are taking you. It’s dark but at the same time festive, absolute yet meticulous.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-05-23 12:48
Eurovision song contest is such a big deal in Lithuania it’s beyond hilarious. Every year the self-delegated crew is trying to find a magic formula, sometimes heavily infused with foreign tips and tricks, and then they lose in the political farce once called a song contest.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-11-11 19:15
'The best things in life are free' is absolutely not true in the context of consumer culture. Free things are valued much less than the ones you actually pay for. And that’s why free entrance to clubs and events leads to nowhere, even if the initial idea is usually different.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-03-08 18:48
Women were prohibited from voting in Liechtenstein (there are more similar examples) all the way up to 1981. That’s 30 years ago. And, right here and right now, we do live happily. At least looking at the bright side, because, obviously, there’s always room for improvement. This short article is my own way of congratulating all the music industry women with March 8th. Here’s to you, DJs and clubbers, singers and musicians. And here are some wishes that go together with the salutation.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-07-02 14:18
He was born in the Hague and slipped on “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash in his early teens. Some 30 years forward, and DJ Overdose is billed to play in STRCAMP festival next weekend in Lithuanian woods. It won’t be a DJ set, however, but a raw performance that will make you flutter.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-06-04 12:44
Dreems might not have 500 fans in Facebook as of today but the man behind the monicker, considering his flamboyant life that has expanded to a few continents by now, has definitely impressed many, many more along the way. Just a few months ago Angus Guzman has moved from Australia to Canada to work on Multi Culti label together with Turbo’s Thomas Von Party.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-05-26 10:29
Nathan Gregory Wilkins might not be topping the charts round the world but he’s definitely more of a DJ than most of the people in these charts. He’s as at home in the most obscure and interesting parties in London as he is in fashion events round the world. He’s also a close mate of Ivan Smagghe - and the friendship has been broadcasted on NTS Radio since earlier this year.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-04-11 10:47
Slightly more than a month ago Pete Tong was awarded an MBE. He was more than worth it for his long-term work on supporting music culture and personal creativity. A radio and club DJ, promoter, A&R manager, community facilitator and the one that keeps dance music up and running… You don’t know where to start when you have only 5 minutes to speak with a personality like that!
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-03-05 12:23
Nicholas Iammateo is mostly called by his first name. He’s young, Italian and comes from Perugia. He also likes to dive in the past decades of soul, funk and house and transform them into a melodic dance sound of today. A handful of Italian have already visited Vilnius this year and Nicholas will be joining the club on March 8th. Not with a live set but with a crate of records instead of flowers. Before the trip he had some stories to share with me.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-02-10 12:19
“Jager Blow-Out”, having presented us Zombie Nation and The Hacker, are back to throw some black paint on to the way-too-pink Valentine’s Day. The Canadian minimal techno pioneer Marc Houle is billed to do just that, and before the trip he agreed to answer some of my questions. It’s actually our second interview so I managed to do some connections there. A great personality and a great live artist. Be sure to check both the text and his show. Friday in Opium Club, it is.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-01-26 15:52
I hope it won’t get much warmer by February 7th because the “Speigas” event, literally “frost”, requires an adequate minus outside. The artists invited by “Agharta” to the fifth festival of stark and rugged music, on the other hand, will definitely lower the temperature. One of the guests this year is Angela Nina Yeowell, an American artist residing in Berlin.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-01-20 12:58
I have heard numerous inspiring stories about Red Bull Music Academy from both its students and lecturers; However, no one knows more about the project than its insiders! The Italian Marco Passarani has been the academy team member for a decade now. Add his lengthy DJ career, work in labels and many great releases and he becomes a dream interviewee.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2014-01-09 12:31
It’s sometimes tricky to interview DJs that are still on the way to their highest career point, on the other hand, it’s always interesting to look back a few years later and see how they are doing. It’s worth watching Kiwi as he seems to have a clear vision about what he wants to do!
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-12-03 13:17
A reggae singer Brian Brewster moved to Paris a few years ago He then met dOP and the rest is history. A history of low, lush and pulsatory electronica that has been brought to us by Circus Company and Wolf+Lamb.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-11-07 17:58
The Minimal.lt family has teamed with Redubtor, a seaside a gang that represents similar beliefs. November 8th will withess their first joint event in “Kablys” called “Grid”. Jeroen Search, a well known producer for those digging techno, will headline one of the two stages there.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-10-15 16:58
Smala has started its second season in Opium club last month and will finish October off with Raudive, an artist hard to index. Raudive is actually just one of the many aliases of Oliver Ho. For almost 20 years he has been busy trying new platforms for his ideas. Raudive’s sound suits well for dark dancefloors but we haven’t limited ourselves with them in our chat with Oliver.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-09-26 13:34
Believe it or not it’s been 8 years since we first danced to Rej, Âme’s introductory hit single. During those years the duo hailing from Karlsruhe, together with Dixon, established Innervisions and turned the label into one of the most serious and important rupors of deep German electronica. Yeah, they’re serious even when turning the dancefloor upside down. They also present albums like The Grandfather Paradox, which was more like an encyclopedia.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-09-22 12:41
Moscow is a city that’s hard to describe. Many things and events of various sizes happen there all the time and some of them are not easy to understand for a Western state of mind. The musical collective RAD, good friends of Mondayjazz crew, however, are equally interesting for Moscovites and for everyone else.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-09-18 14:05
Snuff Crew are definitely familiar to listeners that like some good old acid and Chicago breeze. Their releases on established labels like International Deejay Gigolo Records or Playhouse have, of course, helped the familiarity.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-08-21 17:17
There are interviews that you spend hours preparing for, even if it's an email chat, and then they don't work out in the end because the artists are too busy or interacting with journalists isn't included in their marketing plan. And then there are Mondays like this, when you come to your mate's loft and spend an hour on a sofa talking about the previous weekend and oh so much more. Then it turns out to be one of the most interesting interviews you've done in the last couple of years.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-07-08 14:15
Many nice words can be said about Matas Synthsoulsizer, also called Seasonslater. Most of them have been said this morning in his interview with Ore.lt, and I have just talked to Lovefingers, an artist who’ll be paying a visit to Matas’s and friends STRcamp this weekend.
Daina Dubauskaitė 2013-06-20 14:30
The US-born Amir Alexander will have the priviledge to start the long weekend of Sūpynės Festival on Friday. One of the first acts in the lineup should become one of the most memorable, at least that’s the message I get when listening to his long DJ sets full of Chicago, Detroit, ghetto, acid and the likes. Amir, having released a handful of brilliant records, is definitely an artist who knows his value and is proud to state that. It surely was an interesting chat and my recommendation would be not to miss the start of Sūpynės!
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