Kristian (Ame): “There's nothing better then an inspiring night you had while DJing”
Believe it or not it’s been 8 years since we first danced to Rej, Âme’s introductory hit single. During those years the duo hailing from Karlsruhe, together with Dixon, established Innervisions and turned the label into one of the most serious and important rupors of deep German electronica. Yeah, they’re serious even when turning the dancefloor upside down. They also present albums like The Grandfather Paradox, which was more like an encyclopedia.
It’s not easy too book artists like Âme to small clubs like Opium. So it’s really nice when they appreciate the coziness and darkness of such venues. Kristian, the DJ side of the duo, will be back in Vilnius after 7 years. Very much looking forward, so here’s some news from him in the question-answer form.
Hey Kristian, let’s start from georgraphy. Would you agree with the idea that people from smaller towns and generally non-capital areas have to work more to reach the top; and do you think you'd have done the same things in music if you were born and bred in Berlin?
I think that’s not true if you speak about music production as this doesn't depend on a certain place. For a DJ career it probably helps to be in a city like Berlin as you have a great infrastructure of clubs and there are many people coming from outside to go there see a certain DJ and spread the word.
You've said before that you wouldn't want to live in Berlin and few days there are OK. But you did move there in the end. Did logical reasons prevail?
I felt so comfortable in the environment I used to live with all my friends and family, but I reached the point where my gut feeling said that we or I needed a change and a new challenge in our lives as I felt we are a bit on the way into a blind alley artistic wise. So after moving to Berlin and also getting to know another side of it while living here I think it was one of the best decisions in my life.
Are you proud of your new Berlin studio – is it fully functioning now? What are its biggest gems?
Yes, I am definitely happy to see all the things coming together after all those years. The new office/shop and the studio are nearly finished. Just some small things need to be done from now on. I think the biggest gems are our speakers we all bought together years ago and now they found their final destination.
Was it sad to let your record shop go? Or was it a relief? What is the situation of the shop now?
Ro be honest it was quite a relief. I didn't had enough time in the last years to take care about the shop or to be actually behind the counter so iI had to give it in other hands and now we have again a little store here in our office once a week so I get the good old days back from time to time in a healthy dose.
I've read about one of your vinyl-saving initiatives – to hide the meaning of D.P.O.M.B. in the sleeve. Did the idea work? Have you received interesting feedback from it?
Yes, I remember that a couple of die-hard fans found it out and sent me a message back then. This was more of an honoring of the lead-out groove the way the guys from Detroit used to do it.
Do you think going out and embracing nightlife to its fullest can help the creative process and enrich dance music one's creating or playing, or is it more disturbing and maybe has negative impact?
I think there is nothing better then an inspiring night you had while DJing. Especially after a long Panorama Bar set I feel kind of recharged with new inspiration and ideas. Maybe if you play too many bad parties it could have a negative impact but this is not happening that often nowadays.
Would you be OK with your daughter wanting to become a DJ or otherwise involved in club life? Or is it too early to think about it?
As she is three years old its a bit too early I guess, but whatever she decides to do I will give her my full support as I didn't had that.
Is it possible to maintain true relationships in dance music industry? Are your closest friends from the DJ circle, or from "normal life"?
I think it depends on the person. I am a lucky person because I am surrounded by friends with whom I work too, but of course I also have friends who are totally not from the dance scene and I like the balance between both worlds.
Have you had to take many compromises in order to be what are have today?
I am a very happy and lucky person because I found my way to bring everything together without any side being neglected.
As you're digging deeper and deeper into the history of music, which eras have been the most interesting for you? Have you found interesting repetitive patterns throughout the history?
I am still a big music digger maybe with changing fields of interests, but there is still so much music out there, I don't know, I think I will never reach an endpoint. Currently I am really into raga music from India and choir music from the Middle ages. Of course there are patterns or themes traveling through the times and century and I think there is nothing new to come but that doesn't mean there is nothing interesting being released.
Why aren’t there any music videos for your tracks? Have you ever considered this option?
We still haven’t found the right guys for that, but as we speak here there will be an official video for our next single produced together with the Pfadfinderei and the German state ballet.
What stands behind the concept of "Lost In A Moment" events? Will there be more parties like this?
There will be definitely more parties like that, but we are also working on making the concept more clear. It is more about an intimate party with the close circle of friends an artists of our family in special locations through out the world.
"Lost In A Moment" in El Monasterio, Barcelona, this year was sold-out. Pampa Off-Sonar showcase, on same venue, for example, and many others, wasn't. What were the reasons behind your success – if you treat it as success? Or maybe sometimes you think it’s part of a hype? Do you ever feel hyped?
I think and I hope this is the result of all the work, parties and nights we did in the last couple of years. As it is not coming out of nowhere I don't believe it is a hype!
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