Low Bob (RAD): “I think there are no important gigs in Moscow without our boys”
Moscow is a city that’s hard to describe. Many things and events of various sizes happen there all the time and some of them are not easy to understand for a Western state of mind. The musical collective RAD, good friends of Mondayjazz crew, however, are equally interesting for Moscovites and for everyone else.
Lapti and OL are already well known in Vilnius, and on Sept 27th five of the RAD crew will come over. That’s also Algorythmik, Miracle Libido and Low Bob. The latter, called Ildar by his closest, told me a lot about his team and personality before his flight to Vilnius. Seems like a cool fella!
How did you like Satta Outside this year? Not only as an artist, generally the atmosphere and people?
Well, I've been to Satta two years ago with almost the whole crew and I really enjoyed that one. In particular the location and the weather. This time these points were a bit weak in my opinion. But I can feel that Satta is growing every year and I appreciate it, huge respect to the crew. I must also add that honestly I'm not that huge festival fan, I'm in love with rather small and cozy underground sessions.
Does working in advertising industry help you promote your music activities more easily? Or do you tend to separate those two lives of yours?
I've quit my daily advertising job recently and opened up an agency called RADAR which is focused on sound communications only. It's very comfortable field for me, as I've been developing my strategic and marketing skills while staying deep in the music and sound.
Can you tell me more about the company you work in, RADAR? What is 'sound communication'? Is it more fun than Leo Burnett?
Yeah, it's amazing! As a crew we are creating sounds and music which are not only for the music lovers, but for a huge city or even country. We've developed an audio logo for the local railway company and every time they make an announcement there's our sound before it. Everywhere in Russia from Moscow to Vladisvostok and while you are reading it there's our sound somewhere. Isn't it fun?
Is RAD more Radostj or Radical? Or something else?
Yes, Rad is about Radostj. But we remain radical in a way. Actually, there's a story behind this name. We've been celebrating the birthday of our friend on a very specific location not far from Moscow. One of our buddies, really inspired by the surrounded nature told us - "Не Рай и не АД - РАД!" (Neither heaven nor hell – RAD; the word play can’t be properly translated, - D.D.). Sounds good!
Is RAD a collective that's always open to new people or are you a closed society?
RAD is about community and friendship, so yes, we are quite close. We need to know each other personally to get rolling.
Where in Moscow nightlife pyramid does RAD stand? Who are your listeners and visitors?
We are quite diversified at the moment and I think there are no important gigs in Moscow without our boys, especially when it's about modern electronic music. We believe our listeners are true music lovers and it's not about any specific genre or age, etc.
What exactly RAD does now and what did it use to do before? What plans do you have for the collective?
Our mission was to ignite new wave of local talents and we find it quite accomplished. At the moment each of our artist is rather focused on self-development, though we are staying in touch with each other and the music.
You are the only one I interview before this party, so you have an unique chance to present the rest of your crew to my readers! What are the best features of them?
Well, that's a huge responsibility, but let's try!
My closest friend, Miracle Libido, with whom we started the RAD and Radar is a huge fan of soviet jazz. He's about to release the second CYBEHIP mixtape, but you can take a listen to the first part here.
Lapti is the most romantic guy in the world, while remaining a hustler. His music is incredible and in my opinion it's not corresponding with his real life portrait. It's about his deepest and sincere inner world. Check out the latest mixtape of his production here.
OL is a bass hip-hoper. He's a nasty boy, based one! But the house side of him really impresses me, check my all time favorite release from him.
Vtgnike is the most conceptual composer, very authentic. He's about to release the killer album on the Nicholas Jaar label really soon, it's unfortunate I can't share it with you now. But you know, his RAD release was nominated for the album of the year down here and I still really love it. In case someone missed it, you can always hear it on our basecamp page. It was the first original Russian juke album.
And also there's our boy 813, he's the most water-crunk-booster operating in the field of future boogie. His latest release was appreciated globally, from BBC Radio 1 and Rinse to XLR8R and the names like ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻ and Obey City. I'm afraid the vinyl version is sold out already, but you can always check the digital one.
Anyways, one should check the guys in real action, so don't miss dis shit.
Five of you, also Mondayjazz DJs - that means more a festival lineup than a regular club night. How exactly will you fit in the mere 7 hours of the night?
Hour by hour, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
How has your musical taste changed since you were a kid? Were you a part of different subcultures, like rave, rap or punk? Do you think the taste is settled now or are your ears open for new discoveries?
When I was a kid I was listening to a lot of rock bands, thanks to my father. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and so on… I think that's very important foundation of my taste. When I was a teen I was totally into hip-hop culture, mainly because of my graffiti involvement, I was doing it for about 7 years. I think my taste is quite settled, but I'm definitely open for new discoveries. There's a clear example of that – I'm really enjoying juke, but can't stand trap in general.
By the way, I am not sure how old you are but I guess below 30. Do you remember much from the Soviet period, I mean music and culture of these times? Did your parents own the same Russian records as everyone else, or were you lucky to get some Western influences as well?
Yep, there's a very nice coincidence, I'm having a birthday on the party day so I'll be 28 already. And yes, as I already mentioned I was quite influenced by the Western rock scene. But I also really love Soviet stuff, I think Artem is extracting the best from it with his CYBEHIP mixes.
Was it childhood when you fell in love with vinyl, or much later? Is it an easy hobby to maintain in Moscow – do you have enough record stores, are the clubs equipped well enough for vinyl DJs?
It's incredibly difficult here and I managed to get to the vinyl only recently, when my financial situation became a bit balanced. I'm ordering stuff from abroad, so it takes time and money and risk of missing it, many negative factors. But you know, when I was crossing the Satta field with my vinyl bag, it was one of happiest moments of my life. Playing vinyl is a whole different thing it's another world. I've totally rediscovered myself, when went strictly vinyl and it gave me back much more than I lost.
Do you get to travel a lot as a DJ? Both in Russia and other countries, or are you pretty much Moscow-based?
Well, not really. I've played in Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belorussia and some cities in Russia, that's it! So, yeah, I'm pretty much Moscow-based boy.
If one could only spend one night in Moscow, what itinerary would you put for him?
That's a nice question as I really love my city and especially my hood. We call it VAV street, which comes from the original Vavilova street name. There's a lot to see here, and it has a very specific flow. We would go for a very nice Indian or China food spots, check out the oldest local market Cheremushki. We could also visit the Lomonosov Moscow State University and so called Sparrow Hills which are not far from the hood. Lot's of authentic beauties!!! So, you are very welcome here.
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