Boot & Tax talk smells, stereotypes and differences
Hugo Capablanca has opened the Pandora's chest of the new season of SMALA, and next up are the Milanese synth slaves called Boot & Tax. Their first live show happened less than a year ago and JD Twitch happily released their debut album in spring of 2015. It's a devastatingly great record that could be a sountrack for a foggy road trip or a debauchery under a table. Can't wait to see what happens when Boot & Tax do it live. But before - some questions and answers.
What smell and taste best describe Milan?
Cristian: Well, first thing I think… Coffee and cigarettes!
Claudio: I think vanilla ice-cream. In Milan you can smell moda and creativity of the city.
What was the first live show of Boot & Tax like?
Cristian: We have known each other for some years, but our first live show together was in December 2014 in Paris. We have a lot of good memories from that trip!
Claudio: It was amazing, we were really excited... In Paris I remember I was a bit anxious but at the first kick the people were screaming and sang our songs.
What are the best airlines to fly with all the luggage your duo brings together?
Cristian: Until now, no one wins the prize.
Claudio: AirFrance… Easyjet and Rayanair piss me off.
What is more scary - to lose all your record collection or to lose your synthesizers?
Cristian: No doubt: records collection.
Claudio: I will not answer this question.
What is the main difference between Optimo Trax and Meant?
Cristian: These are both important labels to us, but indeed I feel closer to Optimo, also because I have known Keith for some time now.
Claudio: They are both great labels with amazing owner behind. I think… the name.
What is the main difference between Claudio and Cristian?
Cristian: Claudio is more technical and rational and Cristian is more creative and emotional.
Claudio: I would like use the same answer above… Can I? No, ok. I am the Wise, Cristian the Instinctive.
Have you ever been denied entrance to a nightclub?
Cristian: When I was a teenager, of course!
Claudio: No, never.
If I want to go clubbing in Milan, which are the places I should avoid?
Cristian: If you come here give me a call, I'll tell you confidentially!
Claudio: All parties in Milan are great, it depends on what you want hear. I suggest you my favorite at the moment so if you go there you can never go wrong: Dude Club, Le Cannibale.
What albums would you recommend to listen before and after one listens to your debut album?
Cristian: Hard question! I'd say before Roland Young’s "Isophonic Boogie Woogie" to find concentration, and after Hauschka’s "Salon Des Amateurs" just to relax!
Claudio: Before – “Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984” by Francis Bebey and after “Quema Quema Quema” by Kanaku Y El Tigre.
What is the biggest discovery you made this year - musically and personally? In duo and solo?
Cristian: Being on the stage for a live show: this covers both the questions! There's a lot to learn, considering we had always played as DJs before.
Claudio: Musically it’s Donato Dozzy, personally haven’t made it yet.
What is the biggest misconception people outside dance music world have about dance music?
Cristian: It’s not just about saturday night fun, it's about culture and lifestyle.
Claudio: I've heard that dance music is not music because is not made by real musicians...
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